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Blue Access'

Easy Isonas Software Upgrade

As of 3/31/18 Isonas is ending their support of all DBCrystal/EasyWeb15 Software.


Don't worry. Blue Access has an upgrade, but


Our Software has the same feel, but is

More User Friendly

Our Software has the same capabilities, but is

More Powerful.

  • No need to replace hardware

  • Can still easily expand access systems

  • No additional training as you already know how to use the software

  • Have automatic updates through Hosted platform

 Who is Blue Access?

Blue Access is made up of the founding engineers of Isonas.


Blue Access founders and employees are the patent authors of Isonas hardware on every model RC-01 thorough RC-04, and our team designed and built every one of those products on both the hardware and firmware levels.

You wonder if Blue Access software will work well with Isonas hardware? ABSOLUTELY. 

Blue Access' Software, COBALT X1, has been built by the original founders, patent authors, executive team, designers, and engineers of Isonas; in other words, we are a well-seasoned team.  COBALT X1 builds upon all our combined knowledge to produce a faster more streamlined ACS.  COBALT X1 works seamlessly with all the Isonas hardware models RC-01 - RC-04 that the Blue Access team designed and built, and with a completely new and improved line of hardware exclusively offered by Blue Access.

 What has been upgraded?

Blue Access has taken everything they learned about an ACS software package that they designed and built at Isonas, and created COBALT X1.  We have improved upon our earlier packages either known as EasyWeb or DBCrystal in the following key areas:

  • Greatly simplified on-boarding new readers, now you can pick the reader from a list, give it a name, be done.

  • Removed complexity of setting up the "controller supervisor," this process has been automated.

  • Set up a job scheduler to run many tasks such as:

    • Scheduled backups of the SQL database.

    • Removing history records that are older than a customer configurable duration.

    • Running weekly jobs to keep the system streamline.

    • And many others.

  • Eliminated the need for a "full compile."

  • If a full compile is selected, running time has been reduced from 4 hours at large sites, to under 90 seconds.

  • Added a system status page to inform the user of everything there is to know about the configured application; how many doors, how many people, how many things are not working, etc.

  • The system can track, and fix, rejected badges at a door so if the software is configured one way but a door is behaving another way, the authorized badge holder will be let in and the misconfiguration will be logged for future inspection.

  • We have engineered the system for speed on a large site by reducing the amount of data being passed around on the network.

  • Eliminated the two-tiered approach of having a “thick-client” for system configuration and a “thin-client” for day to day operations.  COBALT X1 deploys a single modern browser web application.​

How to Upgrade

Are you ready to have peace of mind over your Access Control? There are three easy ways to move forward. 

  1. Schedule an upgrade by going HERE.

  2. Get a quote on an upgrade

  3. Stay on top of upgrade options

Upgrades completed by 3/31/18 will receive a 5% discount.


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