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COBALT-X1 Software

COBALT X1 is very powerful software that is easily scalable, making it an excellent choice to use whether your business is growing or already fixed in size. Controlling access to doors and cabinets should not be complicated and more importantly, should not be a hurdle day in and out.


COBALT X1 is a user-friendly option to allow businesses to focus on what they are doing and not on who is getting where they need and when. COBALT X1 comes in two versions:

  • COBALT-Online X1 – Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) hosting software

  • COBALT X1 –Access control software on-premise.

Blue Access recommends COBALT-Online for any new or replacement projects.  This is the fastest and easiest version to get up and running.  No software or database to maintain on-site.  Access control of all secure doors in your system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere at any time.


The COBALT software not only supports our new line of Steel BLE products, but as a VAR partner of ISONAS, our software supports the following ISONAS reader models: RC-01, RC-02, RC-03, RC-04 and IP Bridge (2 and 3 door).

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