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We are thrilled to announce the partnership between

Blue Access & ISONAS

"We are proud to announce that our newest 3rd party software provider, Blue Access Technologies, has passed our stringent integration protocols..." - Rob Mossman, CEO ISONAS


 "We have passed ISONAS' evaluation to be a certified partner in software, making Blue Access the provider that supports the widest selection of ISONAS Hardware!"

- Michael Radicella, CEO Blue Access

Will Blue Access work with ISONAS hardware?

Absolutely! Blue Access' Software, COBALT X1, has been built by the original founders, patent authors, executive team, designers, and engineers of ISONAS; in other words, we are a well-seasoned team. COBALT X1 builds upon all our combined knowledge to produce a faster more streamlined access control system. COBALT X1 works seamlessly with a widest range of ISONAS hardware, including the RC-02, RC-03, RC-04 and IPBridge. 

COBALT supports your project requirements!

  • Looking to start an access control solution OR add on to a currently-in-place ISONAS solution without replacing existing hardware?  COBALT supports that. 

  • Wish to continue to use the RC02 hardware that has serviced your facilities for years, but want to experience the benefits of a modern software platform that is actively supported?  COBALT is the answer to your challenge.

  • Wish to support elevator control, or to monitor building alarm points?  COBALT addresses your requirements. 

Looking to Grow? 

Move forward confidently with more ISONAS hardware


Check out your hardware options​.

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