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Small Business

Access Control from Anywhere at Anytime

If you own a business, you know that you are on-the-job 24/7.  Security for your business is also on-going, where you as the owner need the ability to monitor and control your building at any time.


Blue Access provides the COBALT-Online X1 Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) to meet your security needs.  Here are some of the primary features businesses find very useful:

  • COBALT-Online X1 ACaaS provides full access control functionality in the cloud without having to install or manage any software at your business.

  • Access control of your business can be monitored, and access provided from anywhere in the world with a connection to the Internet.  

  • Immediately add and remove credential access from anywhere and at any time for any access point at your business locations.

  • Full Access Event History is continuously updated and available for review, also from anywhere and at any time.


COBALT-Online X1 works with our wireless Steel BLE product line that includes the BLE-LS055 Wireless Lock Set that when combined with our Wireless Smart Connector is all you need to provide access control at that door.  

Standalone door locks have become popular in our industry, but these locks lack many of the useful features of a full access control system as outlined above.  The BLE-LS055 installs like any electronic lock.  Once paired with the WSC at the door and added to the COBALT-Online system, full access control from anywhere and at any time is at your fingertips.

Key features of our Steel BLE line include:

  • Our wireless Steel BLE products, including our wireless door lock, are very easy to install since none of these products require any wiring to be done at the door.

  • The Wireless Smart Connector (WSC) brings access control to the door and is placed inside the secured building.  This location protects the internal network from intrusion.

  • All WSC communication with the Steel BLE devices on the door is done with an industry standard wireless protocol called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  

  • BLE is a widely used and highly secure wireless protocol that requires very little energy for long battery life.


Blue Access provides training and certification for locksmiths and resellers.  Once certified, you will have access to information and plans reserved specifically for you.


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