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We look forward to partnering with you as a Certified Seller of Blue Access Control Systems!

Follow along below and we will have you installing in no time!



Sign our Contract and send us your logo! This lets us move forward with the understanding of our shared revenue stream as well as get your site set up with your custom name and logo!

Order your demo unit Here. Demo units come with a 50% rebate after 3 installations. 


Start your training! Go to our Training Documents and read through the Door Commissioning section to get to know your new product! 








See your new product in action. Go watch our Videos in our video library.

After you receive your demo unit, contact us for a webinar and review test. We will discuss Setup, Commissioning Steps and have a Q&A to get you on your way!

Success! You have achieved our Silver Certification! This means you know how to install the Blue Access Control System and can move forward with your first official install.

Confirm first install.

Success! You have achieved our Gold Certification! This means you can be listed on our social media as a certified installer!

Confirm first 3 installs.

Success! You have achieved our Platinum Certification! This means you can be listed on our website as a certified installer. As long as 3 installs happen per quarter you will be continuously pointed to through our website as well as social media platforms!


We look forward to working with you!

If you ever have a question regarding the certification process, please contact us!

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