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A Blue Access Christmas Story


Years ago , in the ages of locks and keys, Santa ran into a problem. 


The most popular toy of the year was a little train that delivered chocolate covered candies. 


The Elves were part of the production line right up until the candies were added to the coal cars, because everybody knows that Elves live for sugar. 


There cannot be a speck of it around or all the Elves come to a halt as they scramble to get their hands on that last grain of sweet sugary goodness.


It was the night of Dec. 1st and Santa had just fallen asleep next to the fire. A little silver key peaked out of his pocket, and a sneaky little Elf took it. 


All night he feasted on the toy’s candies, and before returning the key to Santa’s pocket, he made a copy in the toy shop. 


Every night the Elves snuck into the candy shop, and danced, played, and had a feast of chocolate candies.. 


On Christmas Eve Santa went to load up his sleigh and to his amazement all the trains were empty, candy wrappers were everywhere, and Christmas was going to come to a halt. 


“What Happened?!? “He cried. “Who got in here, and why?” 


Little elves appeared, their faces covered in chocolate smears and their eyes filled with chocolatey tears. 


Christmas was saved as they all shook Elf dust into the trains to bring smiles to the kids and knowing their folly, the elves presented Santa with his very own Christmas gift….


The Cobalt X1 Access Control System.


The North Pole’s toy shop now runs smoothly and Santa can now sleep easily knowing his candy store is safe. 


Actually, to be honest, the new access control has relieved many headaches such as 


  • Rudolph can no longer sneak out of the barn

  • The holiday Egg Nog is kept in a cabinet that can only be opened between 5pm-10pm by Mrs. Claus

  • And the abominable snowman can no longer sneak inside to warm himself by the fire


Each little Elf is rewarded with one piece of chocolate after a good days work, and they all thank Blue Access for their peaceful, yet delicious, lives. 


Interested in North Pole Security?

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