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Blue Access is interested in partnering with installers who pride themselves by providing a quality product to their customers. We are excited to partner with companies who are interested in growing their own businesses as well as product lines, and look forward to seeing what our team can do. 

You Install the Hardware

Blue Access provides

tech support

We share recurring revenue

 Who are our partners?

Our partners are locksmiths and integrators who know how to build relationships and install locks. Our product line is as simple as that, and yet, it will allow our partners to grow their own offerings. 

The Steel-BLE product line is a wireless system and installs as simply as a standard door knob. This means that our partners already have the knowledge required to make this an easy product to offer. There are no extra wires or power to the door needed. By providing a new product that you already know how to install, it enables your work-force to focus on understanding the best ways to interact with the end-user and the best methods to use for a quality door hardware installation.

By partnering with Blue Access, you will be able to:

  • Expand Your Offerings —

    • Steel-BLE is an intelligent lock that installs just like a standard doorknob. 

    • Steel-BLE allows you to easily expand your product line to include an advanced Electronic Access Control System.
    • Steel-BLE can support controlling access to vehicles, such as ambulances or fork lifts, which may merge in with the services you already offer, or allow you to branch into a new field.

  • Gain New Customers —

    • ​Blue Access’s ongoing marketing campaigns will become a source of new customers for you as we refer you as our partner.

    • New customers will also be gained by the unique services you offer, and the word-of-mouth advertising that your current customer base will provide. 

  • Retain Customers —

    • Expand the revenues from your current customer base. Many of those customers would benefit from the Steel-BLE solution, but they don’t know that you can supply it.

    • Customers will see your name every month, reminding them that your company provides a valuable service to their business.

    • The customer will see your name when they use the web-site to add or delete an employee, or when they check to see when the business was opened in the morning. They will also see your name when they receive their monthly email, summarizing the system’s activity.

    • This constant reminder of your services helps assure that the customer will think of you first when they have other security needs and challenges. 

  • Be a Barrier to your Competitors —

    • ​Steel-BLE becomes a barrier-to-sales that your competition has to deal with. Customers who rely on you as their Hosted Access Control Security vendor will be less likely to have other contractors do any work around their facility; Even if this work is not related to the Steel-BLE system. 

How it works

Steel-BLE installs just like a standard doorknob. 

The difference is, it is not a standard doorknob. This product line is considered an "intelligent doorknob," meaning that it can connect to a software system that controls access to that door. The software it connects to is the Cobalt X1-Online access control system. After you install the lock, you plug in our "smart connector" to the customer's router, press a connect button, and the customer is up and running. 

Blue Access provides all customer support for the software system, so you don't have to.


Cash Flow

There are two cash flows from each project —

  1. The End-user pays you for

    1. On-site services​

    2. ​Any non-Blue Access hardware 

  2. Blue Access pays you

    1. ​Hardware rebates

    2. Monthly recurring payments

      1. You get a recurring revenue every month for every door you have installed.​

  3. End-User pays Blue Access for ongoing cloud services, and the initial COBALT door hardware.

Next Steps

Are you interested? So are we. Check out our products below and contact us today so we can start this next relationship. 


Hardware Line

The Steel-BLE hardware line is a completely wireless access control solution.

Cobalt X1-Online

Access Control

The Cobalt X1-Online access control solution is a powerful solution for businesses of any size.

Thanks! We look forward to working with you!

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